How To Make Greek Letter Shirts

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Wanna learn how to make an awesome greek letter shirt? Well, I’m here to show you how! Just follow these simple instructions:

1) To make letters, you will need two types of fabric, one for the front, one for the back. You will also need a shirt, sweatshirt, or bag to sew the letters on. Before beginning, was all fabrics, including the item you will sew the letters on, without fabric softener.

2) To make the stencils for your letter shirt, you will need a shirt with letters already on them. 

Photocopy the previous set of letters. If you do not already own a letter shirt, search online for a picture of a shirt with your letters already on them. Print that picture out and use it for your template.
3) Cut out the letters. You might want to print out two copies, so you can cut out a front stencil and a back stencil.

4) Now, you will need Sewable Heat n’ Bond so that you can iron your letters on your shirt. You can buy Heat n’ Bond at craft stores. Make sure you buy SEWABLE!
Use your stencils to measure how much Heat n’ Bond you will need. You will need two slightly large pieces for the back fabric and two slightly smaller pieces for your front fabric.

5) Place the Heat n’ Bond textured side down onto the back of your fabric. Place the appropriate pieces (for your front and backs) on the appropriate fabrics. Iron the Heat n’ Bond for a few seconds until it adheres to the fabric.

6) Place your stencils on the right side of the fabric and line up where you want your letters cut. Then turn the fabric pieces over and place the letter, right side down, where it should be. Use a pencil or pen to trace around the stencil onto the Heat n’ Bond backing. Once you have your letters traced, cut them out!

7) Yay! You’re one step closer. Make sure that you leave the Heat n’ Bond backing on your back letters. Remove the backing from the front letters and place them appropriately on the back letters. Use a warm, dry iron to secure them in place. Now, remove the backing off the backs and place them on the shirt, sweatshirt, or bag you are using, and iron them in place. 

8) Choose which kind of stitch you want for your letters:

Stitch 1
Stitch 2
Stitch 3
For stitches 1 and 2, you will need matching needlework thread. For stitch 3, you will need a sewing machine with a zig zag stitch.
For stitches 1 and 2, separate two or three threads from your needlework thread. Using a needle, make a needlepoint stitch (1), or a cross stitch (2), consistently around the letters. 
For stitch 3, use a matching thread in your sewing machine. Set your stitch to a zig zag stitch. Play around with the width using a piece of scrap fabric until you find the width you desire. Turn your tension to 0. Place your ironed-on letters under the needle and find the desired placement. Stitch around all edges, making sure to have the needle piercing the fabric on sharp turns. 

9) Congratulations! You have finished your first letters! Here’s a few tips on how to care for your letters:

- Turn the item you sewed your letters to inside out before washing
- Wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low
- Remove promptly to prevent the letters from wrinkling. If needed, use a warm iron. 

You can also lay your letters flat to dry. To prevent your letters from wrinkling, lay your shirt on a flat surface and then place a heavy book on top of the letters to make them dry straight. 

Stay Crafty!

You can now find Dulce Taylor on La Dulce Vita, a new travel and lifestyle blog. She is currently on the road trip of a lifetime. Check it out and follow along.

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